Brow sculpting      20+
Full leg65+
Brazilian    60+
Full face40+
knee to ankle
Hand to elbow35+
knee to thigh
Hand to shoulder45+

About Our Wax

A luke-warm wax (not hot wax), water soluble – any residue will shower off with soap and water.

Active Ingredients:

  • Natural pine resin from Portugal, filtered twice – trees are milked for resin – not cut down!
  • Natural beeswax
  • Citronella essential oil: powerful antiseptic, natural fragrance
  • Soluble collagen: reduces pulling effect, controls irritation, avoids hair breakage


Waxing Guidelines

  • We cannot wax if you are using Accutane.
  • Usage of prescription medications such as Differin, Retin-A, Renova, Steroids, Retinols or similar products that affect skin tissue, sensitizing or thinning it, must be discontinued a minimum of seven days prior to waxing.
  • If you have a bee or pollen allergy, be aware that hives may occur temporarily.
  • We do not recommend waxing sunburned skin.
  • We suggest that body waxing should be scheduled a week or more before your menstrual cycle or approximately a week after. This is a guideline. You may have a higher sensitivity during your cycle.
  • For best results, hair length should be 1/4 inch (Approximately 2-3 weeks of growth).
  • Pregnant women have a higher sensitivity.
  • Trimming for Brazilian bikini waxing is recommended, but not required. An additional fee may be charged if trimming needs to be done at time of service.