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Aveda Pure Privilege…what’s it all about?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

If you’ve ever purchased products at an Aveda salon, you’ve probably heard about Pure Privilege. If not, or if you’re still not sure what it’s all about, here’s a quick rundown:

Pure Privilege is a point-based rewards program through Aveda. There is a one-time $10 fee to join, at which time you automatically receive double points on that fee as well as on all first-time purchases. Moving forward, you’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on Aveda products. Aveda offers special promotions monthly, and twice a year you can earn double points on purchases. You’ll also receive a birthday gift from Aveda each year, valued at $20. Rack up your points and save them for as long as you like—they never expire—and redeem them online for free gifts or discounts on services!

Aveda currently offers seven tiers of free gifts:
Tier 1: 1,500 points
Tier 2: 2,500 points
Tier 3: 4,000 points
Tier 4: 7,000 points
Tier 5: 10,000 points
Tier 6: 20,000 points
Tier 7: 50,000 points

At Tier 1, you can redeem 1,500 points for a small makeup item such as a lip glaze. If you get to Tier 4, you earn a $75 certificate to apply to a salon service. Tier 7’s 50,000 points can get you a 3-night exotic vacation for two! And there are many other great gifts in between.

If you’re like a lot of our guests, chances are you’ve been earning points but haven’t ever redeemed them. You may not even know how many you have. We want you to take advantage of the free gifts you’ve already earned! So here’s a quick guide on creating your account and reaping your rewards:

Go to and click on the United States flag.
In the upper right hand corner of the screen click on the blue “Access Your Account” button.
If you don’t have (or don’t remember) your username and password, click here. If you already have your account, log in and skip to step 6.
Fill out all required information and click the “Create Login Now” button.
You will receive an email with your new password; use it to log in to the site.
Click “Request Reward” on the dark blue menu.
Scroll through the different gifts available. When you’ve decided what you want, click the “Select” button on the left.
Verify that you have the gift you want, and that your address is correct (so that your gift will be sent to the right place).
Click the “Request Reward” Button to finalize the transaction.

You’ll receive a confirmation of your order, and your gift will reach you within 21 business days. It’s that easy to get great free Aveda gifts! So, the next time you come see us at trü, ask your service provider or a member of our front desk to sign you up for PurePrivilege and start saving points right away!

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Aveda Heart Lands Makeup Collection is at trü!

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Passionate AVEDA fans eagerly look forward to the new spring/summer and fall/winter collections every year. At trü salon, we are so excited that it’s now time to introduce the new fall/winter collection—Heart Lands Autumn 2013.

The inspiration for the collection comes from AVEDA’s roots in Minnesota, with its sprawling fields and beautiful blue skies. As the AVEDA brochure for the collection states, it is a place where “‘handcrafted’ is a way of life and people live connected to the soil, sunshine and rain that sustain them.”

True to that feeling, AVEDA’s artists seek to create a watercolor-like look this season, with tones that are less uniform and precise than past seasons. The lands and the crops, the sun and the soil have inspired the hair and makeup colors.

Within the makeup collection there are six different petal essence eye colors:
Viridian – a cool, satiny deep green
Dusk Orchid – a charred purple with a satin finish
Ginger Root – a warm, soft orange-gold
Hyacinth – a light lavender-violet with a satin finish
Bronze Patina – a cool, rich army green
Antique Gold – a light, shimmering gold patina

To complement these colors, AVEDA has created two new eye definers: Juniper, which is a deep green matte liner, and Night Lily, which gives a charred plum smoky look.

For lips, there are two beautiful lip liner – nourish-mint™ smoothing lip color combinations to enjoy. The Plum Petals liner pairs with the Sweet Plum lip color and gives a rich and velvety violet look. The Red Petals liner and the Red Wood lip color leave you with a rich, warm brick red tone.

There are also two new nourish-mint™ rehydrating lip glaze colors in the collection. Winterberry is a violet berry with an iridescent sheen, and Honey Tree is a natural nude glaze. Both glazes can be worn over an existing lip color or alone by themselves.

We’re thrilled about the new colors, but the most exciting part of introducing the new seasonal collection is trü salon’s makeup events! Come spend one-on-one time with Scott, an Aveda Freelance Advisor, who will create a stunning look for you not only using the new colors of the season, but also the rest of the Aveda makeup line. The cost to reserve a spot is $25, and that amount is credited back to you for your purchase of this season’s makeup.

Call us today to sign up for our makeup event on either September 20th at our Park Avenue location (585-244-0044) or on September 24th at our Schoen Place location (585-586-7870).

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