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Prom Trends for 2015

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Prom is an enchanting evening where young men and women are able to feel like royalty. This night is a milestone and represents growing into the next phase of life. Most will not dress up and be fussed over like this until their wedding day, so everything has to be done to the nines!

All young ladies deserve to look and feel their best on prom night, and Trü Salon helps make that happen, while highlighting chic and popular hair and makeup trends of the year.

The biggest rage for 2015, when it comes to hair, is taking it “old school” by bringing hairstyles from the past back to life with a modern twist. Here are three top styles for 2015 that will turn heads and make statements.

1.) Finger Waves – This retro and elegant style, paired with the right dress, will turn any prom goer into a prom queen.


2.) Side Bangs – This is a traditional prom hairstyle, but updated for 2015 with a 60’s flair.


3.) Pin-Up – This look is timeless and fun. Prom will never be dull for a girl wearing this style!


As for prom makeup for 2015, choose either eyes or lips to magnify. Purchase the prom dress first, then decide if you want to go with smoky, enhanced eyes or a bright and bold lip look.

Prom is definitely a time to get all dolled up, but remember not to go overboard. Girls who don’t usually wear a lot of eye makeup and  may feel uncomfortable with heavily made up smoky eyes on prom night. Comfort is important, and prom pictures will be looked at for years to come. A timeless look is the one to shoot for.

The top two makeup trends for prom 2015 are for lips and eyes:

1.) Classic Red Lips – take any shade of red lipstick and pair it with a sophisticated eye to create a bold and memorable look.


2.) 1960’s Eyes – Black eyeliner with a wing at the end is a retro look that can be paired with almost any prom dress and hairstyle.


Whatever look you go for, from dress to hair to makeup, the most important accessory is confidence! Look good, feel great, and have fun!

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Rochester Fashion Week Fun

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Recap: Fashion Week of Rochester 2015

In October, Rochester celebrated the fifth annual Fashion Week of Rochester. (Yes, that was a while ago now. We know we’re late…but better late than never, right?)

Fashion Week of Rochester is a fundraiser for the Center for Youth, which provides services such as counseling, shelter, referrals, and education to youth who want to take responsibility for their lives. To date, the event has raised more than $300,000!

Another goal of the organizers was to create a friendly and truly accessible event that the entire community could enjoy. Because of the good it does, and how it brings the community together, trü salon was proud to be involved in another successful Fashion Week of Rochester!

On Wednesday, we welcomed 20 models at our Park Avenue location and prepared them—hair and makeup—for the High Tea, High Fashion show. Held in the Sibley Tea Room on the top floor of the Sibley Building downtown, the show a sight to see, with models and dogs gracing the runway beautiful shoes and clothes—and doggie fashions, too!

2 1

On Friday, we hosted a second group of models in preparation for Fashion by the Books, which was held at the historic Rundel Memorial Library. This wonderful show featured grandparents & grandchildren, twins, and “Silver Foxes” on a European runway.

3 4

At trü salon, it is always important to us to give back. Fashion Week of Rochester was a great opportunity to be a part of our community, showcase our skills, and foster camaraderie between our two salon locations. It was wonderful to see so many families, individuals and businesses come together for such a good cause, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

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Want to learn more about hair extensions?

Friday, July 18th, 2014

If you’re like me, you’ll often see a celebrity on TV or in a magazine and think enviously, “How is her hair so long and thick?” More than likely, it’s because she has extensions.

It used to be that extensions were pretty much for people coping with thinning or extremely fine hair. They also used to be a hassle to put in and difficult to make look natural. Fortunately, neither is the case today. Extensions now play a big role in the fashion and beauty industries and are therefore much more mainstream than they were a decade ago. Even better, they look and feel more natural than they used to, and there are many different types available.

The most common types of extensions women use today are the following:

  1. Clip-in extensions: These are an instant solution and great for special occasions or a night out on the town.
  2. Sew-in extensions: As the name implies, these have a stronger hold, and are therefore more commonly used on women with ethnic or courser hair
  3. Fusion extensions: These are a more long-term solution and involve attaching the extensions to strands of hair with small beads of solidified keratin
  4. Weft extensions: These have a small track a few inches long, to which the extension is attached; the wefts are then attached to your hair with a medical-grade adhesive.

At trü salon, we now carry the VoMor Hair Extension System, a type of weft extension offered exclusively at Aveda Salons. The name is derived from the company’s tagline: Volume & More. Their mission is to give women a sense of power, confidence, and beauty by allowing them to add volume, thickness, and/or color to their hair.

There are many significant benefits to VoMor extensions over other types, but a few that factored into our decision to carry them include:

  • Flexibility: add as much or as little as you need to create just the look you want–
  • Versatility: VoMor extensions come in 30 beautiful colors that seamlessly match the Aveda color wheel
  • Quality: VoMor extensions are made from Remy human hair, the highest grade of real hair available, which means that you can style it just as you would your own
  • Integrity:  All the hair that is used to make VoMor extensions is ethically sourced and manufactured
  • Availability: We carry VoMor extensions right in the salon so there’s no waiting weeks for an order to come in; you get immediate gratification
  • Longevity: Each VoMor application lasts 6-8 weeks, at which point your stylist will remove, recondition, and replace the extensions; they’ll last through 2 or 3 uses—even up to a full year!

Check out some of our happy VoMor clients in the Before & After gallery on our website and on our Facebook page

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Culture Clash Makeup

Friday, March 21st, 2014

It may still feel like winter outside, but thanks to AVEDA’s new  Culture Clash 2014 line, spring has sprung at our trü salon locations!

Culture Clash is AVEDA’s vibrant and exciting new Spring/Summer 2014 makeup collection. They describe it as “a world of color in one harmonious palette” and we couldn’t agree more.

makeup culture clash 1

As part of the collection, they’ve introduced two new Nourish-Mint™ Rehydrating Lip Glazes: cool Berry Bud and warm Rose Copper. If you prefer lipstick instead, you can choose from the warm and rich Peruvian Lily Nourish-Mint™ Smoothing Lip Color or the Nourish-Mint™ Sheer Mineral Lip Color in Sheer Muscadine, a natural raisin color. They all pair beautifully with the Culture Clash’s Nourish-Mint™ Lip Liners in Cactus Blossom (an intense matte pink) and Maple (a warm matte nude).

For the eyes, the collection features the Petal Essence™ Eye Definer in Graphite and a selection of 6 beautiful Petal Essence™ Single Eye Colors: Olive Leaf, Peony Blush, Aquamarine, Seafoam, New Lilac, and Burnished Bronze. Our staff favorites at trü this week are Seafoam, Peony Blush and New Lilac!

makeup cluture clash 2

We’re so excited about this limited-edition collection, and we want you to experience it with us. Please join us for our seasonal make-up event at Park Avenue on Friday April 4th and at Schoen Place on Wednesday, April 9th.

We look forward to seeing you then!

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Aveda Congress 2013

Monday, November 18th, 2013

AVEDA Congress 2013 | A NOMAD Event

At the end of October, I attended my first-ever AVEDA congress. Congress is a HUGE event that brings together AVEDA stylists from all over the world to celebrate the art of hairdressing. It was held this year at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Attendees received an intense education in hair cutting, coloring and styling; makeup, trends and business from many AVEDA superstars. It was the most exciting and inspiring event I have ever attended!

AVEDA’s global artistic team, made of of Antionette Beenders, Allen Ruiz, Janell Gleason, Ricardo Dinis, Ian Micheal Black, and Tippi Shorter, showed artists from all over the world how they create their runway looks.

Allen Ruiz was the 2013 NAHA Hairstylist of the Year. He brought his NAHA performance winnings look and brought them to the stage for his segment. He showed off his mod 1960’s vibe with what he called the “homemade bumpit”. He inspired his fellow stylists by showing them they can take fairly simple techniques we all know and turn them into runway style.

Allen Ruiz

Janelle Gleason is AVEDA’s Global Makeup Educator. She showcased AVEDA’s upcoming line of makeup, hitting shelves this spring. But took her makeup application out of the box, applying gems along the hair line to create a very dramatic, theatrical look.

Janelle Gleason

Ian Micheal Black, AVEDA’s Artistic Director of Color, led his models down the runway and took hair color in an unexpected direction. His segment showcased bold brunettes, pastel blondes, and exciting bright colors—as well as some great takeaway techniques for the colorists in the audience.

Ian Micheal Black

Ricardo Dinis inspired his fellow AVEDA stylists by bringing together east and west, with a collection inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese kimono. He evoked the triangular shapes of the sleeves in an angled cut unlike those stylists have not created before. His cuts all featured very strong lines and employed a mixture of cutting techniques. The end result was a beautiful combination of Asian esthetics.

Ricardo Dinis

Tippi Shorter is the newest member of the AVEDA artistic team and has had the privilege of being stylist to celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna. Her segment focused on textured hairstyles. She gave all her runway models windblown textured styles, wash-and-go styles, or blow-dried finished looks. Shorter wanted stylists to see that, regardless of ethnicity, anyone can have textured hair. Hair is what you do with it.

Tippi Shorter

Last but not least was Antionette Beenders, AVEDA’s Global Creative Director, and her evening performance. It was a show like I have never seen before and completely beyond anything I could have expected. She brought the circus to the stage in front of our very eyes! She showcased different “clown-like styles,” featuring haircuts with a new twist. Short bobs, chunky layers, and clown couture illustrated how simple techniques can transform any look into something truly unexpected.

Antionette Beenders
At the end of this bi-annual AVEDA event, I felt more inspired than I ever have. It was amazing to me to consider that every featured artist started out as a stylist in a salon, just like me. Each has become an amazing and inspirational member of the AVEDA community. As a stylist myself, I truly look up to all of them. Their passion for their work and their guests defines AVEDA’s mission and brings us all closer together—not just as stylists, but as an AVEDA family.
Courtney Conover, stylist
AVEDA inspiration: Beauty does.

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Summer Blondes

Monday, August 5th, 2013

You’ve probably noticed the beautiful highlights blondes are sporting this summer. At trü salon, we have, too; we’ve had so many people coming into both locations with pictures of celebrity looks they’d like us to recreate. In fact, there are three different blonding techniques that are really in right now: highlights, ombre, and balayage. Each is a distinct style of highlighting, and each gives a different effect.

Most blondes are used to doing this traditional highlighting technique since it’s been around for some time now and is the one most often seen in salons. With highlighting, your stylist picks out specific strands of hair, puts color on each, and places them inside foils. Each foil packet contains a darker or lighter color than your natural color, which creates light and shade within the hair and creates dimension.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is a perfect example of this technique. She has a more full-coverage look that shows the depth of the blonde and darker colors together. Also, at her root, she does have some of her natural color left, a result of the placement of foils.

Ombre is a French term for a trend that features a more natural color at the root, with the ends gradually getting lighter. Although ombre also uses foil, the color application is very different from the more traditional highlight technique. This look creates lighter color at the ends of the hair. The stylist teases out certain strands, puts the color only on the bottom, and then places the hair in foil packets to process. While highlights give a more uniform look, ombre is meant to be scattered around the head to give a bold look.

In the above photo, Jessica Biel is showing off a beautiful ombre look. The technique owes its popularity in part to the celebrities using it, but also because it’s easier to keep up than traditional highlights. Since it takes longer to grow out, it doesn’t have to be maintained with as frequent salon visits. With this trend, showing your roots is the in thing!

Balayage is a great way to get a sun-kissed blonde look. Like ombre, having balayage done requires less maintenance and is great for the person who wants to color their hair only every once in a while. The application technique, however, is very different from both ombre and highlighting. Your stylist will take out little and big strands of hair from different sections and paint them with a lighter color; we usually use AVEDA’s enlightener rather than a darker shade. Stylists use saran wrap to separate the sections and colored pieces from each other rather than foils. Because of the look this technique produces, you can do as little or as much lightening as you like.

For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker is currently sporting this new trend in the above picture. She has a more intensified result, with lighter areas around her face and a sun-kissed glow all over. If you like this look but don’t prefer to be so light around your face, you could still use the balayage technique but with a less intense application. The look really is customizable, depending on how blonde you want to go.

All three blonding techniques are great for the summer—and for making the summer last into the fall! Stop in to trü salon or trü on park today and talk to your stylist about which technique will be best for you!

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