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Our Simple 5-Step Guide to Selecting the Right Hair Care Products

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Believe us, we know how hard it is to figure out which shampoo and conditioner are going to be best for your hair. We’ve been there, too—wandering up and down the aisles, feeling overwhelmed by the options and varieties and ingredients.

So let us help you. We’ve had lots of experience and worked with lots of products, and we want your hair to look its best. Check out our quick guide, and call or come by to talk to a stylist.


  1. Choose Aveda


There’s a reason why tru salon exclusively uses and sells Aveda products: they’re superior quality, and therefore better for our guests. They’re also naturally derived, and therefore better for the earth.

  1. Tell Your Stylist What Products You’re Currently Using


This will help your stylist understand why your hair does what it does, and what might need to be altered in your hair routine.

  1. Discuss Challenges or Concerns


Knowing what you don’t like about how your hair looks, feels, acts, etc., your stylist uses that information along with the product information to make proper recommendations that will help alleviate your struggle.

  1. Talk About Environmental Factors


Medications you take and your daily activities can change how your hair moves and feels. You may spend a lot of time in the sun or need to pull your hair back for work every day. Your stylist will recommend products or treatments that will mitigate the damage from these external stressors.

  1. Select Products for Your Hair & Scalp


Your stylist will review with you the options available and recommend an ideal hair care routine. Try them out and discuss the results with your stylists. Together, you can adjust as necessary until you find the perfect combination.

Click here to learn more about the Aveda hair care products we love!

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