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Summer Blondes

Monday, August 5th, 2013

You’ve probably noticed the beautiful highlights blondes are sporting this summer. At trü salon, we have, too; we’ve had so many people coming into both locations with pictures of celebrity looks they’d like us to recreate. In fact, there are three different blonding techniques that are really in right now: highlights, ombre, and balayage. Each is a distinct style of highlighting, and each gives a different effect.

Most blondes are used to doing this traditional highlighting technique since it’s been around for some time now and is the one most often seen in salons. With highlighting, your stylist picks out specific strands of hair, puts color on each, and places them inside foils. Each foil packet contains a darker or lighter color than your natural color, which creates light and shade within the hair and creates dimension.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is a perfect example of this technique. She has a more full-coverage look that shows the depth of the blonde and darker colors together. Also, at her root, she does have some of her natural color left, a result of the placement of foils.

Ombre is a French term for a trend that features a more natural color at the root, with the ends gradually getting lighter. Although ombre also uses foil, the color application is very different from the more traditional highlight technique. This look creates lighter color at the ends of the hair. The stylist teases out certain strands, puts the color only on the bottom, and then places the hair in foil packets to process. While highlights give a more uniform look, ombre is meant to be scattered around the head to give a bold look.

In the above photo, Jessica Biel is showing off a beautiful ombre look. The technique owes its popularity in part to the celebrities using it, but also because it’s easier to keep up than traditional highlights. Since it takes longer to grow out, it doesn’t have to be maintained with as frequent salon visits. With this trend, showing your roots is the in thing!

Balayage is a great way to get a sun-kissed blonde look. Like ombre, having balayage done requires less maintenance and is great for the person who wants to color their hair only every once in a while. The application technique, however, is very different from both ombre and highlighting. Your stylist will take out little and big strands of hair from different sections and paint them with a lighter color; we usually use AVEDA’s enlightener rather than a darker shade. Stylists use saran wrap to separate the sections and colored pieces from each other rather than foils. Because of the look this technique produces, you can do as little or as much lightening as you like.

For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker is currently sporting this new trend in the above picture. She has a more intensified result, with lighter areas around her face and a sun-kissed glow all over. If you like this look but don’t prefer to be so light around your face, you could still use the balayage technique but with a less intense application. The look really is customizable, depending on how blonde you want to go.

All three blonding techniques are great for the summer—and for making the summer last into the fall! Stop in to trü salon or trü on park today and talk to your stylist about which technique will be best for you!

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